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2022 what a year huh

31 Dec 2022 | 2022 wrapped

Back again in this closing time of the year, time to see my progress in life so far.

My dream house

30 Aug 2022 | Life goals

Since I targetted my self to graduate from collage in a year and then came up these questions.. one of them is "Where will I be after that?".

Leaving my first job

20 May 2022 | Life update

While I'm excited about the new opportunity ahead of me, leaving Accelbyte and a great working relationship like this one is definitely bittersweet.

Rewrite my site using Chakra UI

07 May 2022 | Personal website

My experience rewriting my personal website using Chakra UI

Thank you 2021 you are amazing

26 Dec 2021 | 2021 wrapped

Hi whats'up, 2021 is coming to an end. I'm just sitting in front of my computer and thinking "what have I achieved this year?" and I think I'm doing pretty good but not so much😅

Wanna see Rapi UI in action?

24 Mar 2021 | UI Components

Now all the UI components on my react native expo template uses Rapi UI

My "Sehat negeriku" app is not working anymore

07 Feb 2021 | App

Remember Sehat Negeriku Redesign and Rebuild?

Rewriting my site with Next and Tailwind

31 Jan 2021 | Tech Stack

Why I rewrite my site

React Native + Expo Starter Templates

27 Oct 2020 | App Development

I'm tired every time I create a new project from blank, so I decided to make my own starter templates, if you use React native and Expo to build apps feel free to use it!

First Hackathon Second Place

17 Oct 2020 | Hackathon

I want to share a litle experience participating on BNCC Technoscape x

Welcome to my site!

07 Oct 2020 | Hello

Welcome to my site everyone, in this site i will be posting some of my works and ill be write some posts here.

Technology I used to build this site (2020/10/07)

07 Oct 2020 | Tech stack

My experience of building site with Expo + Next