Rewriting my site with Next and Tailwind

Tech Stack | 31 Jan 2021

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My last version of this site is built with Expo + Next, I got some issues with the responsive capablities. I know building website with Expo is not the best option, I just experimenting back then. I really want to try tailwindcss from a long time, because the hype of this css framework is big its making me curios of this framework.

Recently I was not busy so I decided to try tailwindcss, and it was magical. Last time I use a css framework is many years ago (I was using Bootstrap at that time). I didn't know any utilty first css framework until I try tailwind.

I use DatoCMS for the CMS of my site, combining it with Next.js is just smooth, I love seeing my lighthouse score now haha.

Last year I attended a virtual talk with Surabaya.JS, Griko Nibras was talking about dynamic social image for website, I was having trouble about this topic. I was lucky enough to attend this because I really want to know how to do this, and now I implementing it on my site. If you interested in this topic check this out: