Recent Works

Rapi UI

Beautiful & clean components for your react native apps Vaccine rubric

I'm contributing to After I release Kawal COVID-19 team invite me to collaborate on building their vaccinate rubric.

React Native Animated Touchable Component

React Native Touchable Component with Custom Animations

Menuju Herd Immunity

Calculation of how far Indonesia goes to "Herd Immunity"

React native Expo starter templates

These are my starter templates or my way for building mobile app with react native and expo.

Sundareka Dashboard Redesign

Redesigning Sundareka Dashboard

Customer Satisfaction Index for PKB Ujung Menteng

Calculate the operation time and get the Customer satisfaction index value


BNCC Technoscape x Hackathon submission for Maradota Team (TikTeng)

Sehat Negeriku Redesign & Rebuild

Sehat Negeriku is a portal news app from Kemenkes Indonesia, This is unofficial Redesign & Rebuild project by me.

Color Sense

Color sense is a game that will test your color sensitivity.

Transforming website to a mobile app

Sharpening my UI and Frontend developing skills on React Native by transforming website to a mobile app using expo ❤️ + React Navigation 🔥.

Instagram Stories Clone with React native + Expo

After experimenting with expo-av api, Video component and react-native Animations, I found my way to clone the instagram stories.

Enchante is a Local fashion brand that provides your daily minimalist style

Lockdown Chat

Chatting with other people in your city, in your country, even with other people in the world.