2022 what a year huh

2022 wrapped | 31 Dec 2022

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Back again in this closing time of the year, time to see my progress in life so far.

This year many big events in my life happened, first of all is I got my first mac os machine, it is a big achievement from me, because I have never had a apple machine. I saved money and I took a freelance job from my friend named Devara to build a company profile website.

In April in the early morning of ramadhan month, I woke up and see a message from Griko on his discord channel said that in his company needs a frontend dev, I imidiately contact him to get more info. I sent my resume and got an interview, long story short I got accepted🎉 It is my first overseas job so glad to got in🤘 then I resigned from Accelbyte https://kikiding.space/blog/leaving-my-first-job.

I move to a different house, I rent a house near my uni and got 4 new house mates. I finally got a different room just for work🎉 So I have two rooms in the house just for me.

In August I finally go to Bali for 10 days, my first time and not the last, Definitely coming back for holidays. I really enjoy the vibes but not the timezones tho😔 I was doing workcation there. I go with my friends, rent an airbnb. I visit Canggu, Kintamani, Ubud and Denpasar. Ubud is my favorite place, I love ricefields and clean air.

I almost finish my education, I finished my essay and just need a little bit paperwork to be done and I'll be graduated.

Best year so far🤘