My dream house

Life goals | 30 Aug 2022

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Since I targetted my self to graduate from collage in a year and then came up these questions.. one of them is "Where will I be after that?". After doing a workcation in Bali and stayed in various amazing villa, I found my dream criteria for my house. Staying in those villa triggers me to have a house.

The City

I don't know if I'll leave Indonesia or not, but these are the cities in Indonesia that I consider but it's a hard question to answer. I grew up in Jakarta about <20 years I live there, then I moved to Bandung, then I moved again to Yogyakarta for study. These are my thoughts experiencing live in different cities:


It's like my hometown, All my friends are there, My childhood.. especially Jakarta Timur. I still have a dream if I have a lot of money I'll buy my old house. But it is crowded, I think it's the worst city to commute, the air is bad, the property is expensive. If I don't enough money to have a property that have quiet neighborhood and not crowded, I won't live there. Will go to the suburbs like Bekasi or maybe Tangerang?


Most of my families live there including my parents. It's a great City. When I was I a child my father always take me to Bandung where my grandma lives. I always love Bandung. The air isn't so bad like Jakarta, The weather is good, close to family, the traffic not as worst as Jakarta, but during holidays I'd rather to stay at home. I have a dream to have just one house in Bandung that far from the city that have a great view, air and internet connection.


Currently I live in Yogyakarta and I'm like I just want to live here especially Kaliurang. Daily needs are cheap, The traffic is better than Jakarta and Bandung, but during holiday is frustating. The people is great although I still can't really speak javanese. The air is good. My tounge fits with the cuisine here.


Uh Bali, isn't everyones dream to live in Bali. I recently visited Bali, went to Canggu, Ubud, Seminyak. It's easy to have a relaxing time in Bali, I can easily go to the beach. Many great place to explore there. The air is good not to hot, not to cold, it just ok. I can go anywhere with shorts, a t-shirt and not ashamed of it. But the roads urgh it's terrible, so tight. My tounge didn't really like the food idk why. I'm afraid of dogs, so many dogs there. Ubud is the best place that I've stayed. So quiet, far from people, the views are amazing and ricefield! although I think Bali isn't for me. It's just a good place to stay but not for a long time, since it's a tourist city. And the timezone is +8 UTC not really like with that one.

The House

House shouldn't be a long term investment. it is an investment but for yourself to be a better version of yourself. For me a house is a place to rest, relax, hangout, work. This is my dream house would look like:

The Environment:

  • Near grocery store
  • Not too crowded
  • Good Internet provider
  • Garage that fits 2 car 1 motorcycle
  • Road access
  • Not noisy (at least not by the side of the road)

Inside the house:

  • Open spaces
  • Good air circulation
  • garden
  • a living room
  • a sofa
  • a giant TV
  • a playstation
  • a grand piano
  • a space to place a treadmill

The kitchen:

  • a fridge that can have a ice cube dispenser
  • Water dispenser that have a hot and cold
  • an Oven! I like to bake, so I need to have that.
  • a standard stove should work
  • a washtafel
  • a spacious sink, I think washing dishes is a bit relaxing activity.
  • and a spacious kitchen table

The Bedroom:

  • AC
  • a queen bed with a soft mattress
  • warm blanket
  • a table to charge my phone near bed
  • a window
  • a blackout curtain that blocks sunlight, I sleep with the lights off
  • a night lamp
  • a standard wardrobe should work

The Workspace:

  • AC
  • Exhaust fan
  • a large adjustable desk
  • a comfortable chair
  • a monitor

The Bathroom:

  • Exhaust fan
  • a shower
  • warm water
  • seat toilet
  • mirror

This list shouldn't be just a wishlist. Let's start saving money💰