Rewrite my site using Chakra UI

Personal website | 07 May 2022

I usually using tailwind for creating user interface and not really experience Chakra UI that much and I want to train more my Chakra UI knowledge, then my friend suggest me "Why not rewrite your site instead creating new projects" hmm then I think that's actually a good idea I haven't update my site for a long time, So I decided to rewrite my site.

Got a couple things in mind before rewriting it. I got an idea to change the border for the cards and the font

I create that in tailwind just for experiment the UI going to look like, because my design on figma really messy😂 and the responses from that tweet really good.

My experience using Chakra UI really smooth, the API really declarative, the documentation is amazing. From my perspective as I usually creating a component from scratch this UI framework really good, because it makes the development feels faster. I haven't touch Chakra UI for a long time because my works usually using tailwind but it doesn't really hard to adapt (Note: I've use emotion/styled-component)

I really recommend to use Chakra UI, if you haven't try this UI framework.. just give it a try. On the downsides Chakra UI not yet fully support react 18 when I develop this.

Oh and one more thing I got a shout out on Chakra UI twitter account🚀

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