Thank you 2021 you are amazing

2021 wrapped | 26 Dec 2021

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Hi whats'up, 2021 is coming to an end. I'm just sitting in front of my computer and thinking "what have I achieved this year?" and I think I'm doing pretty good but not so much😅

In January I was experimenting crawling data with javascript and then I started a project called it's to monitor vaccinate stats in Indonesia, and then I asked to be a part of kawalcovid19 team to build a vaccinate page. So proud to parcitipate in kawalcovid19, shout out to Zain Fathoni, Resi Respati, Ainun Najib, and Rony Lantip thanks to let me participate in this project.

My react native expo template really doing good, people finds that this is usefull for them, then I started thinking to create a components library for react native, I called it Rapi UI I release the 0.1 verion on march.

Back in mid march, I got a message on linkedIn, there is this HR people reach me to join to Accelbyte. Honestly I was not really looking for work at that time but I was really bored on my activity so I accept to join the hiring proccess. The first step is the call interview, then the take home test, and then the pair programming session, and then the interviews. After all of that I just need to wait. And yes I got the job, It is my first full time job in this tech industry🥳 this is so special, because the call is on my birthday. I immediately call my mom and she said "This is the birthday gift for you from god". I can't stop smiling on that day.

In june in the middle of my bustling on my job, I released the 0.2 version of Rapi UI that has a dark mode feature, this feature has been requested from many people. So many people used this library component more than 2k downloads on npm(last checked dec 2021). I'm so proud people finds this usefull and use it in their projects.

In November I was invited to talk in Surabaya JS. It was my first time to having a "tech talk". I was talking about react native and expo. My connection was really bad at that time and having some connection issues😩, but I can still deliver my talks pretty great. overall I think it was not so bad for my first time.

I moved to a new place, and this time it have window!! in front of the house there is a rice field, I feel so peaceful in here. If I get stressed I can just open my window and breathe.

My setup is upgraded! I have a new monitor, new work chair, work desk, anc headset, and... my keyboard.. now I have a keychron keyboard. This is my first keyboard that the price not cheap, well spending over 1 mio IDR for a keyboard is really unnecessary but I can afford it now haha. I always have a cheap keyboard and always broken, then after I use this keyboard "price never lie".

Lately it's really hard to code other than my work, I miss open source. my github is like a graveyard haha. After work hours I don't know why I always felt so tired and don't want to code anymore, just play games or sleep.

I really learn alot by working in this company. But I miss experimenting things, build things what I want, just can't find a time to do that, don't get me wrong, I like working in here, the people, the job, the product, the responsibility, and of course the money. I just miss learning again. Why I am so lazy lately. Hopefully in 2022 I can find that balance.

Thank you 2021 for be an amazing year.