Leaving my first job

Life update | 20 May 2022

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Leaving my first job

Today(20/05/2022) is my last day at Accelbyte. I want to say many many thank you for the opportunity to work here over the past 13 months. It's a memorable experience to work in Accelbyte. Actually Accelbyte is my first full time job on a professional level as a Frontend Engineer in the tech industry. I still remember I got accepted to join Accelbyte on my birthday. I immediately called my mom and she said "This is a birthday gift for you from god". I can't stop smiling on that day.

Met very amazing folks here, I still remember my first task here, it was just changing a background and got confused and ended up doing pair pro with Alan😅 Alan was my "Buddy" when I joined Accelbyte, He really trained me hard with his code reviews and tasks, and gained so many technical and non technical skills from him and all of them.

My most memorable thing here was when I participated in the Dota 2 Accelbyte Game Tournament. I teamed up with Ojan, Aziz, Berton and Gema as Aziz Dancing. We were an amazing team. We crossed the group stage and passed through the playoffs, and eventually we were the finalists. Azam's team is our opponent. We have played before when we were training for the tournament, so we know each other's teams pretty well. The final match was really tough and the second game lasted almost 2 hours, really fun and stressful. We ended up losing to Azam's team 2 - 0 and got 2nd place for that tournament. Really proud of my team and it was an amazing experience.

I learned so many practical skills here, because this is my first job in a big company. Especially I learn how to collaborate, talk, technical skills and more. So lucky to be able worked with these folks.

While I'm excited about the new opportunity ahead of me, leaving Accelbyte and a great working relationship like this one is definitely bittersweet.