First Hackathon Second Place

Hackathon | 17 Oct 2020

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I want to share a litle experience participating on BNCC Technoscape x Hackathon, this event held online.

This was a competition build an application in 48 hours, I was given a case and then given 48 hours to make the solution. There are 2 cases given:

1.Enjoy online concerts during a pandemic 2. IT Security We take the first case.

I teamed up with Ocky. My communication is not very good luckily Ocky is a Communication students so I decided to bring him to the team to help me with presentation and brainstorming, btw we lived in the same house.

We have an idea, what if online ticket concert can be bought seperately(ketengan) so the audience can watch it seperately with a different rundown in one festival/online concert, because in online concert case this is possible.

So we decided to take that idea to development and going through some mentoring session until the product was done. Then on 17 Oct the winner announced, we got 2nd place!

Full read and some development process (in Indonesian) on my twitter

Source code :